The Beacon: How This Little Rock Can Change Your Business

Over the past couple of weeks, we have brought you industry leading information about why your business needs a mobile client app and simple ways to capitalize your business for the holidays. Now we're bringing you a simple addition to enhance your business' experience with MyDash even more (and it comes in the form of a cool looking rock). See the Beacon in action below!

Your Business Fertilizer, If You Will

At some point or another, your business will grow, assuming someone loves your products or services enough to spend money on them. As a successful business owner, you may also be considering adding additional services, possibly even from other industries, and when it comes to drumming up appointments for these services, it may feel like the first day of business all over again! It's important to remember that you have already done it; built a successful business that customers and clients love, so don't get discouraged. The Beacon is a way for you to have all of your customers be notified of services, sales, pretty much anything you can think of, from right in-store.

This will change your business forever

How Does It Work?

The Beacon uses Bluetooth technology to link up to the user's mobile phone (they must have MyDash installed) and send them a Push Notification whenever they walk past or near the location of the beacon. Think of it as a message triggering device that sends out advertisements on new services or promotions on current ones. And the best part? Customers won't notice it working with the size and flexibility to place the Beacon anywhere out of sight. Imagine you have a Stylist walking a client to the shampoo room for a relaxing hair wash where you know they will have to pass your new massage services room. By discreetly placing the small beacon behind a stack of nearby towels or even behind the door to the massage room, all a customer will notice is a notification on their phone for "30% Off All Massages Booked Same Day!" or "Credit towards your next service when booking a spa service!". The process is very easy to set up and the results are almost instant if the right customers receive the message!

Easy to set up and use without your clients even knowing about it!


How Do I Get a Beacon?

Something special to note about the Beacon is one is included with the Enhanced version of MyDash!  Envision Cloud - Ultimate Plus already includes a Branded MyDash app, so if you want the technology of a beacon too, all you have to do is opt for the Enhanced MyDash app with your subscription.

Additional Beacons can be purchased, but we advise against having one in every corner of your shop. The process should feel effortless and unnoticed by the customer, though you now have the added benefit of planting a seed in their head "well maybe I can stay for that pedicure...". Also, the notifications will only be received by the customer if they A) have the MyDash app on their phone, B) allow Push Notifications from the app and C) have their Bluetooth turned on. Planting small signs around your business encouraging these actions without breathing down the customer's throat will help the Beacon's messages perform better!