5 Easy Ways to Get Survey Results from Your Clients



Get valuable feedback from the most important people in your business, your clients!  Sending customer feedback surveys from Envision in an easy way to gather this feedback.  But with their busy days and full schedules, sometimes it can be difficult to get your customers to remember to complete the surveys you provide to them.  Boost your survey results by following these 5 simple steps when implementing a survey program for your business. 




1. Offer a Special on a Future Service

Envision's Survey feature allows you to offer a unique coupon code when a customer completes a survey. You decide the value of the offer that best benefits your business and is valuable to your clients.  Offering a discount on future service entices your clients to complete the survey AND return to your business!






2. Keep it Short and Sweet

Create a survey with 5 to 10 questions that your clients can answer quickly.  If they know it will only take a minute or two to provide feedback and receive a special offer, they will be more likely to answer the survey. 





3. Create a Raffle

Build a gift package filled with retail products and service gift cards and place it near the point of sale or other highly visible area.  Each time a customer returns to your business using the survey coupon you can enter them in a monthly or quarterly raffle, giving them the chance to win the gift package.  Plus, the gift package is another visual cue to promote your surveys. 






4. Promote on Social Media

Highlight your best survey results on your social media pages and tag your clients if they allow.  Other clients will see the recognition given to those who complete surveys and you will reach a broader audience for your business in general. 





 5. Get Your Staff Involved

Encourage staff to tell their clients about the survey they will receive after their service.  Since many service providers have a personal relationship with their clients, having them ask clients for a completed survey is like having a friend ask for a personal favor. 

 If your staff needs a little enticement to remind clients to complete surveys, you can create a friendly competition between staff members.  Offer small rewards like Starbucks gift cards or free lunch for the staff member who receives the most completed surveys from their clients.  





Bonus Tip... Provide Exceptional Service!


Think about a time when you received outstanding service from a waiter or customer service representative.  Whether it be a friendly attitude or having someone go above and beyond your expectations, you were probably eager to tell their boss about the asset of their employee.  If your staff is creating a client base of raving fans, you will always have people who are happy to tell you, and their friends, about their experience!

Send surveys to your clients with Envision Cloud.  Add a survey link to the bottom of each receipt and email surveys to your clients without having to add 3rd party programs to your salon software system.  For more information, contact your Envision Business Consultant at 800-231-9445 or email sales@ennoview.com.